Matt Black Publication - The Nonsense Olympics

THE NONSENSE OLYMPICS Upside Down Books) with illustrations by Jackie Prachek

For adults and children
The backwards race, high-jumping camels, the ancient Worcestershire sport of Shniblobs, how to be good at sports by relaxing, pig-tig etc.. Inspired by Edward Lear, the originator of nonsense verse, for his bicentenary, enjoy a feast of limericks, Olympic histrees, anatomies, alphabets and more, with fabulous illustrations. Our motto “Lie down and enjoy the Olympics.” (£5.00)

Matt Black Publication - Swimmer

THE SWIMMER (Upside Down Books)- inc.CD and illustrations)

Containing poems from the last 10 years, Matt Black’s poems in Swimmer – like his performances – are full of surprises, mood-changes and entertainment – serious, sharp, surreal, affectionate, irritated and funny. This collection includes 2 sequences, Careless (love poems) and Granny Power and Cocoa. (£4.99)

Matt Black publications - Goblin in the fridge

GOBLIN IN THE FRIDGE (Upside Down Books)

Funny, imaginative and thoughtful poems for children (and discerning adults). Grumpy unicorns, rapping grannies, Saturday Dads, sun-filled pizzas. 46 poems with illustrations by 8 artists, quizzes, dot-to-dots, mystery prizes and ideas for writing your own poems. (£4.99)

“a wonderful book, a fantastic selection –and such diversity…The freshest collection I’ve seen in yonks.”
James Carter (Cars Stars Electric Guitars)

Matt Black publications - the cooling towers farewell

THE COOLING TOWERS’ FAREWELL (CD – spoken word with soundtrack – Upside Down Productions)

CD recording of a 9 minute poem celebrating, and saying farewell to, the Tinsley Cooling Towers, which were demolished in August 2008. With industrial ambient soundtrack by The Only Michael. Includes booklet with text, and photos by Ali White. (£3)

Matt Black publications - plot 161

PLOT 161 Spout Publications (available via Upside Down Books) With specially commissioned woodcuts by Leora Brook

Plot 161 is a wild, mad, beautiful urban tragic-comedy written in a form somewhere between fiction and prose-poetry, all happening in and around the allotment of the title, with visits to Cabbage World and Safeway’s’ thrown in. (£5)

Matt Black publications - wy factor


This is a full colour book arising from a 2 year residency by Matt in Wybourn Community Primary School. The book includes contributions from the whole school, including teachers, parents and the local community. The project included a Wy Factor office, run by students in the library, where Year 5 students interviewed parents and local community, as well as leading to a full school production, called the Wy Factor, performed in the Crucible Studio.

The book contains poems, stories, interviews, reflective writing, illustrations, maps, cartoons, emergent writing and some fabulous old photographs given by local people on the estate.

Matt Black publications - Show of hands


Show of Hands: an installation created by 12 schools 5000 mysterious shapes: each shape has been created by pouring plaster into a young person’s cupped hands. Holding our hands in this way can be seen as a gesture of both giving and receiving, of wanting and having, of power and vulnerability.

Power and vulnerability are echoed by the words, which are part of the continuous poem on the ribbon. These words have been written by groups of young writers in each school, inspired by what we hold, what we want, what is given to us; and the ways that our hands can physically and metaphorically shape our lives.

Matt Black publications - working heroes


This book of poems, stories, interviews and photographs resulted from a project devised to create an inspiring focus for boys in Years 5, 6 and 8 as writers, and to increase their awareness of the different kinds of jobs they might do as adults. The project was built around visits to different local employment locations – meeting and interviewing working men – leading to the writing of poems and short stories for performance and publication. The book includes imaginative work and personal learning that took place through meeting inspiring Rotherham men dealing with the challenges and rewards of working life, their working environment and some of their life experiences

Matt Black publications - King Cabbage or Joyfully Slow Rhubarb

KING CABBAGE or Joyfully Slow Rhubarb

Can you be inspired by a cabbage? Or a broken-down shed? Or an old bath? This collective poem – with artwork and photographs – by Year 5 students from Greystones School, Sheffield, plants its words with care, describing with gorgeous details and sideways glances the fertility, the decay and the characters to be found on inner-city allotments today. It also shows how a visit to the allotments can inspire young writers, from a journey including site visit for inspiration, first drafts, reshaping and exploring, and final drafts over 6 half-day sessions..