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Poem for Coventry City of Culture bid film

October, and pleased and proud to have written the poem which features in the Coventry City of Culture bid film. it was shown in the House of Commons! Also proud to say they used the title of my poem for the title of the film. Hope you enjoy it:   News in March 2018 […]
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Highlights for 2017 and 2018

It’s March, and I’m delighted that my first play is being produced as I write this! The Storm Officer has emerged from a commission for a pamphlet of poems to be inspired by an extraordinary archive of Extreme Weather (over 16,000 entries, from all around the U.K., going back 1,000 years) recently created through the […]
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Some highlights from 2015, and what’s ahead in 2016

Highlights of 2015 have been: adventures in Rwanda for sure, including working in a teacher’s training college, and travelling north, south and east, and heart and mind experiencing new sights, sounds, feelings and things to witness and absorb. Leading also to a sequence of haikus. In this country, delighted that Iron Press (the fabulous Peter […]
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Derbyshire Poet Laureate/ and Nonsense Olympics

2 top news items for me are – from October 2011 to September 2013 I am Derbyshire Poet  Laureate. Yippee! Derbyshire poems are emerging fast. I am keeping a poet laureate blog, so for news for the next 2 years please visit This blog will also include the Diary of Julian Durble, an everyday poet. […]
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Sheffield Crucible: performing Hedgehog Nation

Just a quick update on recents, to coin a term – as “Laters” seems to be the new way of saying “see you later”. I got the chance to perform to a full house Crucible a few weeks ago, and performed a fairly new piece, Hedgehog Nation, with the help of 2 wonderful musicians, Adam […]
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Goblin in the Fridge chosen by PBS; a small but nice moment

Yes, delighted to say that Goblin in the Fridge has been chosen by the Poetry Book Society as one of its’ two Children’s Bookshelf Summer Choices, which means they will be sending copies out to their members. It made my day for sure, and I hope it will inspire me to get on with writing […]
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24 hour non-stop Shakespeare in 8 minutes

thanks to time-lapse photography, watch this year’s 24 hours in just 8 minutes – see those pigeons move so fast — and check out the dude with the twitchiest legs since Charlie Chaplin -
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Just finished 24 hour non-stop Shakespeare….

Lovely weather, and the bard responded, as ever, with great words. This is the 3rd year we’ve done it, and more people joined in than ever before. The full company was 257 actors over 24 hours and 17 minutes (we over-ran) (though there was a quiet midsummer night’s dream that happened in the middle of the night for […]
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24 Hour Non-Stop Shakespeare

Yes, we’re here again – forsooth! From Thursday 1pm to Friday 1pm – no rehearsal needed! to join in or not to join in. I usually find it’s better  to….. Outside  the Town Hall, with marquee, a rack of furry and funky costumes – for  you  to wear – or not! as you choose. So, […]
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Twitter – Derbyshire Literature Festival

I’m currently Twitter Writer-in-Residence for Derbyshire Literature Festival – go to for recent tweets. As a short form (140 characters maximum) for making poems out of, and short pieces of writing, twitter is a fab exercise and good fun. Try waiting for a tweet to come in, and then moving the words round to make it into […]
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