Sheffield Crucible: performing Hedgehog Nation

Just a quick update on recents, to coin a term – as “Laters” seems to be the new way of saying “see you later”. I got the chance to perform to a full house Crucible a few weeks ago, and performed a fairly new piece, Hedgehog Nation, with the help of 2 wonderful musicians, Adam White on fiddle, and Plinio on percussion. I loved the whole experience. I’ve performed at the Crucible once before, alongside a boy band and Berlie Docherty, but this time I had longer and really enjoyed myself. Hedgehog Nation is a 10 minute story-poem of the hedgehogs who were brought to South Uist by some gardeners, to get rid of their slug problem – but the hedgehogs multiplied quickly, and there were no natural predators to keep the hedgehog numbers down; and as they were eating lots of the birds’ eggs on the island, and birdlife is a large part of their economy, much hedgehoggish trouble then ensued! My version is mostly telling the true story (which does have a positive ending, thankfully for the hedgies) in serious and comic style I guess (see Hamish McTavish and his neeps) but there is a fantasy section where 5000 hedgehogs swim to the mainland, and drive on little hedgehog motorbikes, all the way down the M1, to see the Prime Minister, and pogo-protest around the streets of London. Anyway, it was great fun. I’m planning to turn the whole poem into a book and CD sometime over this year, and I’ll put up some clips of the poem once it gets recorded, and some pictures. Ciao for now.

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