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Just finished 24 hour non-stop Shakespeare….

Lovely weather, and the bard responded, as ever, with great words. This is the 3rd year we’ve done it, and more people joined in than ever before. The full company was 257 actors over 24 hours and 17 minutes (we over-ran) (though there was a quiet midsummer night’s dream that happened in the middle of the night for […]
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24 Hour Non-Stop Shakespeare

Yes, we’re here again – forsooth! From Thursday 1pm to Friday 1pm – no rehearsal needed! to join in or not to join in. I usually find it’s better  to….. Outside  the Town Hall, with marquee, a rack of furry and funky costumes – for  you  to wear – or not! as you choose. So, […]
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Careless Smiles

Here’s a recording I made a while ago with the guitarist Adam White.  Enjoy!
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